The First Step’s Always the Hardest…

And I thought just thinking up the damn name of my blog was hard.  Now you want me to write stuff too?  Geeze, you all are too demanding.  Too much stress, shutting down, where’s the vodka?

Just kidding, I’m still stable (or what you’d consider stable for me) and I’ll try to blog often.  I’m not making promises, but hey I don’t see you promising to read my blog and my blog only.  Let’s keep this casual.  If we decide we like each other, then will go exclusive.

So this is the point where I tell you about myself? Whether I’m married, have kids, what I do for a living.  All that crap?  See, this is the first obstacle.  I don’t think I want to tell you this.  I think I’d rather let you draw your own conclusions about all this for now.  And besides, I’m just not comfortable babbling on and on about myself.  Sort of out of my comfort zone.  Which makes me, and probably you wonder, what the hell is this goofy woman blogging about?  If she’s not going to delve into her personal life and tell us all about her kids, pets and how overdue her library books are; just what the hell kind of blog is this!!!

Fret not people (or person), for all will be revealed soon.  So with that, I’ll leave you. I hope you stick around and if you see me in the bar and you have subscribed to my blog; I’ll buy you a drink! 


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