Technology…I’m Over It

Of all the things I want to be tied to, technology isn’t one of them. Hell, it’s not even on the list. But here I am, going on week two and no technology. At first, it was a challenge, catch up on the filing, make those new report headers, do some research old school, cook a meal. But now, after two weeks of this crap, it’s just boring. And it’s not even like I want to use technology. It’s just now that I can’t have it; I want it.

And I want it like I want a margarita. I know it’s not good for me, but it gives me something to do with my hands, and I look cool doing it. Technology lends you a certain amount of coolness. You look good because you have to check your email, tweet or update your Facebook page. People are looking to hit you up; they care about what you’re doing. You’re so freakin important; you have to let the world know what you’re doing at least a dozen times a day. And that’s just the social aspect of technology. I, in fact, need it to make a living. Granted, making a living using technology isn’t what makes me miss it when it’s gone. It is, however, the official party line when I’m whining about technology being a fickle bitch.

So while technology was giving me the cold shoulder, I decided that I would play that game too. I didn’t need technology any more than it needed me. That was a brave couple of hours that let me feeling alone and empty. It was then I knew technology had me right where she wanted me. I was her little play thing and I jumped on command.

I’m told that technology is coming back and that things are repairing themselves and rebuilding files and codes are being swapped at a rate that would humble even my large brain. I’m told that soon I’ll have access to all my files and data and I won’t have to busy myself with non-technology trivial pursuits anymore. But honestly, I’m wondering if I even want technology back. It cheated on me and now expects us to just pick up where we left off. It’s not that easy technology. I’ll expect some groveling and ass-kissing. I’ll need time to mull over what we had and where our future lies. I’ll have to ponder and mull and contemplate…promulgate even. And at the end of those five harrowing minutes, I’ll take you back, you heartless prick and we’ll live happily ever after.


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