The Friday Bitch

Today I was going to write a funny blog about my dog, but this past week has really been an eye-opener for me so I changed my plan. I had the opportunity to read some of the asinine comments people leave after news articles. I can honestly say I have no idea where these guys are coming from. What they are thinking when they put finger to keyboard and begin pecking away?

I do have theories though. I think that these stupid asses (and you know who you are) who leave what they believe amount to clever or witty or profound comments to actual news stories are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I think they actually believe that their sarcastic comments concerning the people of a particular township or how a woman looks on the day she is sentenced for manslaughter is going to get them a book deal. It’s not. These guys don’t get it. They’re not funny. They don’t have their own show on Comedy Central. They’re pathetic. It’s like arguing with a guy who ends every sentence with “I know you are but what am I?” At that point, I believe it’s fair game to slap them. They’re asking for it.

I think it incredible that of all the things a person can comment on, be it the plight of women in a lack luster economy or how a small town government struggles to provide its citizens a safe and happy community, these geniuses go right for the gut shot. Do they wonder how some women see no way out other than turning to less than palatable, but evidently booming, career? Or do they ponder the ins and outs of running a municipality? Absolutely not! They go hardcore and knock a woman, or an entire community, based purely on prejudice and stereotype.

So to these morons, who couldn’t add a constructive comment to save their lives I’d like say, get over it. No one cares what you have to say. No one thinks you’re clever or insightful. Anyone can make the full set of teeth comment! And to actually think that all strippers are drop dead gorgeous? Really, you need a dose of reality. Because in the end, you’re a small, ignorant, piece of *&%# wannabe critic. Go home, you’re a loser.

We will return to our regularly schedule happy programming shortly. Thank you for your patience.


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