You Can’t Make-up if You Don’t Fight First

I have a fiercely independent personality that borders on rebellious and if you push me, I’m going to push back, even if it means pushing my way right into a corner. Right now is a good example. I just managed to get into a fight with my husband over something he most likely has a right to raise issue with. But instead of being reasonable and saying “oh Babe, I understand your concern…blah, blah, puke”; I played hardball. Well not so much hardball. I got so pissed off that I just repeated what he said, in a very angry way I might add, twice, swore at him and then started typing this blog. So mature. But I let indignity and spitefulness get in the way. Ooops, just flipped him off. Maybe I shouldn’t sit beside him on the couch and blog.

So now he’s mad at me and like I said, he had made a valid point. Grudgingly I admit it. However, my defense is equally valid: don’t treat me like a child and then get mad at me for acting like one. This is me; he knows this, supports this and sometimes finds it endearing. I think he may even contribute to my behavior on many levels. And honestly, isn’t the fact that he baby’s me (as in like a child) really make this more about him and less about me? I think my defense is coming in nicely…

And since it’s actually his fault I act the way if do, then why’s he mad at me? I’ve told him many times, “you created this monster” to which he has always readily agreed. As if I could become a spoiled brat all on my own. As if I would grow accustomed to his attentions and affections and that would lead me to be a responsible and rational adult. Hell no. He made me a princess and so he’s got no one to thank but himself for my petulant attitude. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I’d like to call my first witness…the plaintiff.

(I just gave him a mean glare. Yikes, he just told me not to write anything about him. So I’ll have to do a quick cut and paste and replace husband with warden or da man!)

And I imagine this is how most couples get into trouble. At first it’s all fun and games pampering and catering to each other until someone tries to lay down the law. Then it’s no longer fun or games and people are pissed. We don’t understand why our spouse is being such a hard ass. It was all a big party up until a minute ago when you spit on my cake!

I let him cool down and it’s been quite a few hours since our spat. He knows I’m blogging about him, but he’s semi-cool with it and he knows that if he dumps his glass of water on the keyboard his debut on my blog will come to a swift end. So he’s cool. He’s got his big plan. And for my part, I grudgingly admitted he had a point earlier but held steadfast in my prerogative to be offended. And I know that if he dumps water on my laptop, I’ll cry until he buys me a new one (something I suspect would take all of one hour). I guess it all came down to a peaceable truce. And that’s okay. We don’t always have to be of one mind. We do great having a few differences of opinion. Fighting reminds us that it was our differences that brought us together in the first place. Why we admired this person we’ve hooked our future with and why he or she is such a good match for us. I like a good fight; but I love a very good make up. And make up looks to be in my future. So until next time…


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