Come to the Dark Side…You’ll Look Younger

I never was an angel, but lately I’ve really been embracing my inner demon. And before you get all ‘oh no, where’s the crucifix‘ on me, it’s really not that bad. My inner demon has been with me for a long time; probably my entire life and chances are you’ve seen it at work. It’s just that now I’m snuggling it whereas before I tried to tamp it down. Well, no more. My demon is free and we’re having a hell of a time.

My demon isn’t necessarily evil. It’s mischievous and devilish. It’s snarky and it’s cynical. And now you’re saying, how is this different from this person I’ve known my entire life? It’s not. It’s still me, just enhanced.

I love it over here on the dark side. People give you a wider berth. They don’t want on your bad side and they tend to keep a path of escape available at all times. And the lighting here in the dark side is so flattering. I look and feel younger, sexier than I’ve ever felt before. Maybe it’s the demon talking, but I’m really rocking this new me.

Embracing your inner demon, living on the dark side, whatever you call it, it’s damn liberating. Moral turmoil? Character flaws? Societal guardianship? (I just made that up!) Forgetitaboutit! I don’t have to deal with the struggle between good and evil boatload of crap anymore. My moral compass is permanently skewed. Forever spinning so as never to be encumbered by doing the right thing again. I’ve cleared a path and I’m free to run headlong into the dark foreboding, fully enveloping, blanket of evil. Weeeweee!

So the next time some asks you can tell them that I am an agent of evil, but my duties are no longer ceremonial. I’m now middle management! See you on dark side, our beer is colder!


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