The Friday Bitch, Sorta

Geeze, with this Friday being Good Friday, I’m having a hard time coming up with a bitch. I have one in mind, but I just don’t know if you’re ready for me to go there. Frankly, my bitch would be Good Friday.

I know some of you are probably running away from your computer screen because you’re waiting for it to burst into flames, but seriously, we’re adults, we can talk about this stuff. What’s left for us if we can’t openly question the filaments of humanity? I think it’s time to strip it down and really see what it’s all about.

But I have a problem. Most people who would debate me don’t look at faith and God and all that with an open mind. They look at through their beliefs and their paradigms. They look at it through what they’ve been taught or have come to believe and therefore their opinions are slanted so that they are right and I am unequivocally wrong. You can’t debate a person like that. You never get your point across. They’re not open to your ideas because they are fully ensconced in their own. I guess you could say they are close minded.

And I won’t argue (or debate) with a close minded person. I’m not going to waste my breath or my argument on someone who’s not listening. Simple as that. So I guess my bitch really isn’t about Good Friday itself, it’s rather all the bias and blatant prejudice surrounding it. It’s about the people who would condemn me and those who question faith and God openly as heretics. It’s about those in all faiths who hate and kill and destroy all in the name of an other-worldly being. It’s about babies dying and babies living because of religious morals. We’re all on this planet together people and it’s damn time we learned to get along.

So there it is, the Friday Bitch. On a Friday where a simple man who wanted people to love one another was tried, convicted and put to death. Whether he arose or whether he didn’t, there’s still a lesson to be learned from his life. One that has been altered and twisted these past 20 centuries or so, but still is worth taking to heart. Do unto others, love your neighbor, take care of the sick and poor. It’s simple…do good things, always.


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