A Rose by Any Other Name…

I quickly glanced through one of those retail make up catalogs (ding-dong!) during a spare moment of the day and I made it only to the first page that had one of those scratch and sniff perfumey circles and I tossed the magazine away. Those damn smelly circles all smell the same to me! Or is it just that company’s perfume? I imagine a huge vat of perfume somewhere in the Midwest (that stands to reason, they have more room) with all these long conveyor lines and spigots and hoses and mad scientist on catwalks high above these vats dumping ingredients and cackling hysterically. Out of each of the spigots comes the same exact perfume but the liquid is dispersed into different shaped and labeled bottles. Same perfume, different name.

And it’s not that I’m all against this particular retailer or any other for that matter. It’s just that this shit all smells the same! Truly, make something that smells different. Other people have, you can do it too!

Maybe it’s not even that they smell the same. Maybe it’s in the delivery. How can a person be expected to decide whether a perfume smells good or like horse crap by simply scratching a scented circle? The little scratch and sniff on the fabric softener says lilac and vanilla but none of us are really fooled into believing it. It smells how it’s gonna smell…like fabric softener. But yet, back in the pages of this catalog, we are expected to base an important aspect of our appearance, our aroma, on nothing more than a scratch and sniff. If that’s the case, I’m going to start wearing my daughter’s smelly markers because the lime is to die for!

So don’t get your underwear in a bind, national brand retailer, just make a better delivery system! And if the stuff still smells the same after that…well, that’s gonna be another blog.


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