Uncork[ed] the Alleghenies

On Saturday I attended the Uncork the Alleghenies at the Altoona Railroader Museum. I went with my favorite people and I can’t say when I’ve had a better time. The event was just fabulous. It was an excellent kick off to warmer weather and back yard gatherings and an opportunity to enjoy a great bottle of wine.

I’m a wine newbie and unlike my sister, I can’t pronounce all the different types of wine. I think it’s safe to say that my tastes are pretty uncomplicated. So I don’t really know what wines goes with what and seriously, I’m not that fussy that I feel inadequate about my lack of wine savvy. My favorite wines are the ones I uncork with my closest friends on the patio or by the pool and simply enjoy. Uncork the Alleghenies was the perfect ticket for me.

The event was elegant but simply so. The vendors were very informative and so helpful in offering the perfect wines for my tastes. There were also food vendors, wine accessory vendors and others who made the event even more enjoyable. I loved lingering over a jewelry or purse kiosk enjoying a sample of wine. I loved looking at beautifully prepared chocolates and delicious cheeses on a warm spring evening with my favorite people. It was one of those events that as soon as it’s over, you’re excited for the next one. I’d buy my advance ticket for 2012 if they were on sale!

But alas, the night was all about the wines and they certainly did not disappoint. In my book, Pennsylvania wines are beyond good. And while I’ll never be invited to write for Wine Lovers magazine (if there even is such a magazine), I can say from my point of view, as limited and amateurish as it may be, PA wines are simply the best. They are not fussy or stuck up. While they have complicated flavors and unforgettable tastes, they aren’t snobby. They are wines that you want to get to know. Wines that are like friendships; wines you want to keep around forever. Maybe I’m biased, maybe Ohio has great wines, but from where I’m sitting it wouldn’t matter. I’m in love with Pennsylvania wineries, all of them. Forget any other label; if your wine wasn’t bottled in PA, toss it in the trash. Pennsylvania wines have no equal. Seriously. No. Equal.

Thank you to all the sponsors, vendors, staff and of course wineries who participated in this year’s Uncork the Alleghenies. It was spectacular. I loved every second. And now I have to end because I’ve just about used every superlative I know on just how terrific your event was.


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