The Green Eyed Monster

My Red Dress Club writing prompt:

My hands were firmly stuffed into my jeans pockets. My jaw clenched. I knew they were behind me and I knew if I looked at them, I’d scream. How dare they flaunt their relationship in front of me. Sure, Nick had no idea I had feelings for him, but really, he should have known.

It wasn’t like I’d been doing his calculus assignments because I needed the extra practice. Or that I was tutoring him (read: undressing him with my eyes) in French because I liked rolling my r’s. Although I would have rolled anything just to hear him speak bad French. No, Nick should have known I was secretly in love with him.

Instead, he was with her! And I hated her with every fiber of my being. I hated how she walked and how she pulled a wayward strand of hair behind her ear as she looked up at Nick’s beautiful face with those fluttery eyelashes.

This was how I spent my sophomore year in college. Hating a person I didn’t even know. I only knew what I wanted to believe about her. I thought she had stolen Nick from me, when in reality, I never had a shot with Nick and if I would have gotten past the blue eyes and chiseled jawline, I wouldn’t have even wanted him. Nick was shallow and callous and I was way better off without him.

But my sophomore year, no one could have told me different. So I spent a year of being jealous and hating a person who didn’t deserve it. I spent a year pining away for a man I would have never been happy with and ignoring one that would have been everything I’d ever wished for. I let superficial looks get in the way of discovering a glad heart and gentle soul.

That summer, I went home still wanting Nick. I ran into an old friend who mentioned that one his cousins attended the same college I did. He offered to give his cousin a call and we could maybe get together when the fall semester got underway. I hesitantly agreed. How could my friend even think that there would be someone else out there for me. Didn’t he know about Nick? Didn’t he know Nick was the one for me?

I had forgotten about the cousin and the offer of being ‘set up’ and returned to my dorm. I was putting away the last of my belongings when there was a quiet knock at my door and a very nice looking guy standing in my doorway. The cousin! He asked me out for coffee, I accepted tea, and a beautiful relationship developed from here.

My jealousy was so counter-productive that I had completely missed this wonderfully funny and sexy man who was in many of my classes. Because of my crush on Nick, I missed a year of being with a person who was all I needed and more. I thank my lucky stars every day that he was patient enough to wait for me. I thank my lucky stars every day when I wake up snuggled next to him. My jealousy was only worthwhile because it allowed me to open up to the possibility of him. For that I am eternally thankful.


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