The Friday Bitch Uber-Edition

This is a very special edition of the Friday Bitch because it’s been at least 30 years in the making. I don’t even know why it’s taken me this long to actually bitch about it. I dunno; maybe now I finally give a shit about it. Up until a short time ago, it was a non-issue. Just a blip on the radar that I took in stride and moved on with life. A good life. A happy life. And once I get this bitch out of the way; a contented life.

Simply put…know what the hell you’re getting into before you start doing it. I’m sick and tired of people wanting to entertain the ‘what if’s’ in life when they don’t have the balls to actually follow through. Sure, test the freaking waters all you want, but really, when you’re in it up to your testicles, I think you’ve made a marginal commitment. That’s like test driving a car for a few months. Or taking back your virginity because well you know abstinence rings are so in. So look, if you’re going on a what-if safari; prepare to make the kill shot. Don’t back out, don’t say you weren’t serious and for God’s sake don’t say you made a mistake.

You f*&%$ what? A mistake?
Oh, so now’s a good time to clue the rest of us in? After we’ve all gone balls out about this!

Jesus Christ, it’s a good thing I don’t make a habit out of revenge killings. Yet.

I am so over sniveling, quivering people afraid to take a chance. I am beyond humans thinking that misery is a great way to spend a lifetime and I am damn sure beyond getting entangled in the mess.

So next time you decide to cast out a line and see where it gets you, stay away from me. You don’t want me tugging on the other end.

There, I feel better already.



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