The Friday Bitch – An Introspection

I know I’m usually the first one calling someone out for some asshole move. Well, today, I’m calling myself out. I did the unthinkable and I dumped on a very good friend. A friend that I cherish and love and in no way deserved my wrath. I am my own Friday Bitch.

And why did I rip a friend? Because I didn’t have the balls to rip the person who really deserved it. I took the easy way out and hurt someone I love. Stupid, stupid me.

I’m in a unique position. People need to deal with me in a professional manner and I’ve come to feel sort of confident that in a social situation, these same people would want to deal with me. I feel on equal footing with most of my co-workers and am pretty secure that I’m just as good as any one of them. Couple that with the fact that I live in my hometown and I’m either related to, graduated with, or (gasp!) am otherwise familiar with a good percentage of the citizens and you can understand where I’m coming from. (That last choice, you know the one where I’m sort of admitting to being an adventurous girl, that’s a small percentage. No matter what anyone says, it is a small percentage!)

Suffice to say I know these people. I grew up with them and I am not aware of any of them going on to cure cancer, win the Nobel Award or solve the hunger crises. That puts us all in equal footing. Could I be any more wrong?

Evidently, there’s such a thing as the right neighborhood. In my modest little town, where people make nowhere near millions, let alone hundreds of thousands, there is a right neighborhood and a wrong neighborhood. And yes, curious reader, I live on the wrong side of the tracks. Literally. Go freaking figure.

And while this in no way justifies my ranting on a person I had no business ranting on; and while this does not in my mind make it alright to have done it; it sure as hell goes to motive. I am so tired of people who have no business feeling superior doing just that! Stoppit! It’s annoying. You are the same person you were when I went to school with you. We all had humble beginnings and its goddamn time we remembered it.

I’m taking my dose of humble pie this week. I pulled a dickhead move and I owned up to it. I apologized and meant it and made myself a promise not to do it again. We all need to step back and realize we’re only as good as we’ve treated the person next to us. Then, finally, we can all just get along.


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