Don’t pay the ransom…I don’t want set free!

I know, I’ve been absent for quite some time. As my father-in-law would say, I hang my head in shame. But, my little friends, it’s summertime and I can’t bring myself to put these dirty little, gardening fingers to the keyboard and make you a funny. Thank God there’s the obligation of work so I actually have to be tied to this computer. Otherwise, you may not hear from me until the first snow.

So blame it on glorious, can’t get enough of it, hope it never ends summertime. I love summertime and the working in the garden and playing with the fishes in the pond and sitting at softball games and going for ice cream. All the crap, I love it all.

During the summer, we spend more time outside than inside. I’ve often pondered asking my satellite provider to give me a 9 month option on service cause I don’t remember the last time I actually watched TV. This is the time of year when my DVR fills up with shows and it takes a rainy day or a good hangover for me to get caught up with the motorcycle gangs, the vampires and the Hollywood crowds.

Summertime is when I drink Coronas on a weeknight and think nothing of it. It’s when wine bottles are frequently in the trash and trips to the beer distributor are part of the ordinary. It’s a time when pot roasts and meat loaf or anything else you cannot cook on the grill isn’t on the grocery list and cantaloupes and cherries and strawberries are. Summertime is when salads rule, especially when you simply pull the ingredients out of your patio garden. It’s when most of your shoes are flip flops and they are all on the porch. Hoodies and blankets for cooler nights usually are draped over a porch or patio chair and the firewood is always at the ready.

Summertime is when we catch up with the neighbors and have good conversation across the fence. It’s when we see who’s grown a good head taller and so-in-so’s latest injury (you know who you are!). Family and friends stop by and it’s always a good idea to have some frozen burgers at the ready for an impromptu party.

Summertime is, in a word, heaven.

So I’m sorry that I’ve been lax and I’ll try to keep up the posts, but in the meantime, get away from the computer screen and enjoy the summer!


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