The Friday Bitch

This was supposed to go out yesterday…oops!

This is going to be a tough one. I’m beginning vacation at exactly 3:01 p.m. EST and obviously the world is a glorious place to be. Oh sure, I had to bust my ass to get to this point. At work and at home I’ve cleaned and tidied and tied up loose ends. I’ve prepared and copied and filed. I’ve made phone calls and arrangements and basically exhausted myself in order to have a week off from work. In reality, I basically did two week’s worth of work in one. This vacation better rock.

And I’m sure it will. We’re spending a few days loving the great outdoors in one of PA’s great state parks. It’s our favorite pastime: camping. We’ll make fires and swim in the lake and lure chipmunks in with peanuts on a fishing pole. (No, we don’t use a hook. That’s just cruel.) We’ll rent a pontoon and spend the day having the nine year old drive us around the lake. Sure it was more comical when she was five, with her legs dangling above the boat deck and her neck craned to see over the steering wheel; but the sight still delivers some good laughs. And by week’s end we will have had more than our fill of camp pies and roasted marshmallows. It will be the best five days we’ve spent all year.

So it’s pretty obvious that I’m finding it hard to criticize or condemn or otherwise bitch about anything. Oh sure, there’s been a few mildly annoying instances in the past few weeks, but the thought of vacation and camping has always dulled the edges of my anger and mellowed me. I’m a whole new person when facing a week of vacation. I’m nice and easy going. My tongue isn’t as sharp and my forehead not bunched into a scowl. I’ve been upgraded to include the N.I.C.E gene. (Aerosmith fans will know what that stands for.) The new me is fun for a while, but like preparing for vacation, it’s a lot of work.

So you probably won’t be hearing from me for a little while. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a photojournal blog of our week in the woods. It will be fun and give me some practice at inserting and captioning and all the jazz. And then, it’s back to work and back to bitching!


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