You want me to pay what? Seriously?

Leave it to Dick Cheney to have the most expensive ebook on Barnes & Noble. Well, at least as far as I looked and then raced to my computer, stopping briefly to say to my dear husband “leave it to Dick Cheney to have the most expensive ebook on Barnes & Noble”, and stepped over two Labradors and politely asked the Shitzuh to move over so Mommy could sit at the computer. Hey sometimes, it’s just not an idea popping into my head and I set fingers to keyboard. Sometimes, I gotta work for my work.

I don’t think Dick Cheney could say the same thing. Honest to God, he actually expects (and given his ranking in the B&N 100) and is actually receiving a whopping $16.99 for his ebook. Jesus Christ, not even Jesus Christ gets that much money for the Bible, which in some versions is free. But not old trigger happy Dick, he’s living the good life by once again raping the people of their hard earned money just to hear his pompous old ass spew out some more shit that I didn’t believe the first time he tortured my ears with it.

And just who the hell is reading his book? My God, didn’t we suffer enough under the whole Bush-Cheney-palooza? I mean, I know I did and just not because I’m a good little democrat. I was truly and whole-heartedly offended by these men and their slanted, greedy view of how the world should work. I cannot believe that any rational person actually believes the freakin garbage that comes out of his mouth. Sure, I’m no genius (quite the opposite really) but even I know that we didn’t invade Iraq to get al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. It wasn’t to even the score for all those brave individuals who passed that sad September day. It wasn’t one of those “America’s going to kick your ass!” scenarios. It was simply an excuse to further his political agenda and seek personal revenge for Hussein’s plot to kill Bus 41. Nothing more, nothing less. And yes, that’s what I believe. I live in America and I can believe anything I want.

And I guess you can too. You can go and buy Cheney’s book for $17 and you can be contaminated with his skewed recollection of what happened during those dark days of his time at the helm and you can believe it. You’re fucking crazy, but you can still believe it. And that’s what’s great about America…you’re free to be an idiot. Just ask Dick Cheney’s. He’s making money off it!


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