I’m Falling for Fall!

I’m so excited! September is one of my favorite months. Oh, I feel bad that the kiddies are going back to school (I truly do) but there’s so many fun things happening during September that I can hardly sit still.

In my neck of the woods, September means fall that means lots of fun. There’s the beginning of a chill in the air and gives me the perfect opportunity to don a very cool and comfy scarf. Nothing makes me happier than the chance to accessorize.

And where better to wear a sassy scarf than to a great fall festival? Fall is bursting with cool festivals and events and opportunities to sniff, taste, and browse you’re way right into winter!

One of the things I’m most excited for is the upcoming Uncork the Alleghenies Arts, Crafts and Wine Event on September 17 at the Blair County Convention Center. I sat with bated breath waiting for tickets to go on sale. I bet I purchased one of the first 50 I was that excited. If the Fall one is anything close to the Spring event, it is going to be a terrific evening. Every morning, I walk past my bulletin board and pat my ticket, I’m that stoked to go.

There are plenty of other great festivals and events going on as well. The Ebensburg Potato Festival always offers great crafts and foods and music. It’s always one of my favorite places to be in September. If you go, you have to find the soup booth. It is simply mouth watering. The event organizers do a great job of getting people to and from the festival with shuttles running the entire day. And the fire company hosts a wine tasting event right there for some adult-enjoyment. I’ve been introduced to some great wineries at this small festival and I thank them dearly for it.

I also love going to the Cresson Heritage Days, which is really in October, but is so much fun that I have to mention it. They have great crafters and lots and lots of stuff for kids. The food there is excellent too and I enjoy the talented singers, dancers and other entertainers who grace the stage or even a spot along the main walk. The Fall Season is in full swing by this time and it’s nearly impossible to leave this festival without snatching a small pumpkin or a Mum on the way out.

A lot of area churches also hold craft bazaars in September and, okay October. These are great places to find cutesy items that you just don’t see anywhere else (unless it’s like your third craft fair that day) and where else can you find good old-fashioned ethnic food? My mouth waters just thinking about it. No one cooks like that anymore, but I’m sure glad that they fine men and women still do. And going to these functions just makes you feel good. It gives you sense of community and a swelling pride in that you belong to this little group of people. You see you’re Great Aunt Pearl and she asks about your dad and remarks how fast your kids are growing. It’s nostalgia at its finest and I’m glad for it.

So I’m excited for the Fall to come. I love September and October. I got married in October. It’s just a great time of year. I love the feel of the season and the warmth of the people. It makes me glad to be exactly where I am.

I hope I see you at local event. But if you get the last of the potato soup, it’s gonna get ugly!


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