Have a Drink…Tell the Truth

So I’m bored and I checked the social media site. No big surprise there. Then I noticed a friend’s status that they plucked from an app that lets you put a quirky/funny/bitchy/mean/blonde/Christian-you get the idea-status as your own. I browsed a few of them and I stumbled upon a gem. “Drunk words are really sober thoughts.” Genius

It seems odd to me to actually think genius comes from a silly app full of quotes but this one gave me pause. I have long felt that drunken people were the most of honest of people, with the alcohol stripping away all the inhibitions and fears that they had about expressing some errant truth they kept locked away until enough Captains & Coke finally freed it.

I listen more carefully to drunken people because that is where you get the golden nuggets of truth. That is where you learn what a person really feels or thinks about you. Alcohol is the truth serum, the polygraph, of the everyday world. No special devices or knowledge required to work it. You simply supply enough drinks and the truth comes out.

And I guess I should say that I don’t think sober people are liars. I just think they keep the truth to themselves. Thoughts that are in their head frequently are shoved into dark recesses and kept from being spoken. Ideas or yearnings or feelings are repressed. Emotions quashed. Add alcohol and you remove the restraints. All these truths come spilling out.

And I don’t think this is something you can control. I don’t think we have a choice but to tell the truth, however deeply squirreled away when we’ve been drinking. I think that it’s an inevitable outcome of being drunk: you tell the truth. And it’s so very interesting to the people who are listening.

I sometimes wonder if the same holds true for me. If I am incapable of lying…well not really lying, more like withholding the truth when I’m drunk. And I think I am no more immune than the next person. I feel the thought forming in my head and if I’ve had only a few drinks, I can check it. A few more drinks later and the thought reappears; if I’m on my game that night, I can continue to check it. However, if I’ve let down my guard, or plied him with too many vodka and cranberries, truth comes spilling out. Sometimes, it surprises even me. Always, it surprises everyone else.

So the next time you’re feeling a little buzzed remember that you’re going to be telling all very soon. Think of what you’re holding in and then decide if you really want that next drink.

This is merely a cautionary tale spurred by a stupid status app. No one revealed anything while drunk. I haven’t even been drunk myself in longer than I can remember. It was just an errant thought that provoked a blog post…or was it?


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