Bane of Society…the refrigerator

My son is mad at me. I put the leftovers in the refrigerator. I did not leave them on the counter to be eaten by a Labrador that counter surfs or in the microwave to be forgotten, spoil and be tossed in the trash (conveniently located by the microwave). I was frugal and put them in the fridge. And now he won’t eat them.

Evidently, placing one’s extra food in the cold thing makes it taste bad. Apparently, the cold from the ice box blocks out the flavor molecules rendering the food cold and without appeal. Obviously, putting it in a place that prohibits the process of spoliation is a bad, bad thing.

So I leave it out or put it in the mic. And he doesn’t eat it and it gets tossed out in the morning. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to shouts of foul play and wasteful habits.

I hate shouting.

So I put it back in the goddamn fridge, which is where the delicious chicken and dumplings (recipe to follow) is now sitting. And what is my son eating? Something he found in the pantry. I don’t care. In the morning, there will be no leftovers to throw away and no shouting or chants of wastefulness. There will most likely be an empty Spaghetti-O can on the counter, but hey isn’t that supposed to go in the damn trash?


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