The Bitch Blog, The Blog Bitch…does it really matter?

My husband saw me at the computer, that familiar stupid look on my face and he asked me if I was blogging. I nodded his way, not wanting to lose my train of thought and he asked me a question that gave me pause. And then pissed me off. He asked me what I was bitching about this time.

What the hell does he mean, what was I bitching about this time? I don’t think I only use my blog as forum to bitch. Sometimes I try humor and sometimes I just try out big words. But he thinks, and seriously what the hell does he know, that I just think of something and bitch to him about it and then race to the computer and bitch to the general public about it.

Well, I guess maybe he doesn’t know me at all!

And believe me, there’s a lot of stuff – a whole hell of a lot of stuff – that I merely bitch to him about. If I committed to blog post every God-blessed thing I bitch about on a daily basis, I’d never get anything done. I’d just be typing and typing until I passed out. And I don’t know about you, but I like to save my passing out to purely alcohol-related pursuits.

And not every blog I post is a bitch…well, most Fridays for a long time were and I’m planning a few more, but that’s just one dammed day of the week and that leaves six more where I contemplate the finer things in life (wine), the humorous anecdotes (my kids) and the thousand points of light in between (politics – well, okay that’s a bitch).

So there, my loving husband, I don’t just bitch-blog. I blog on timely current events and how they piss me off. I blog on people and how they irritate me to the point of involuntary facial ticks. I don’t just bitch, as you say. I make a difference!

Man! Now, I’m going to go and bitch to one of my friends! Happy Thoughts Ya’ll!


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