The Art of Overreacting

I’ve perfected overreacting and while I’m not always proud of that fact, I do think it’s done me more good than harm. My ability to overreact seems to keep me on my toes a little more and not be lulled into a sense of naiveté that could leave me in the end, screwed. Sure, it may join hands with paranoia in the process, but if it works, it works. I’m not about to mess with that.

But sometimes you’ve got to be careful in your overreaction. You’ve got to gauge it just right or else you turn out looking like some kind of freaked out crazy person. And sure that serves a purpose once in a while, but mostly, it just make you like you’re insane. And really, no one wants that.

I use my overreacting for times when I feel like it helps me establish my position as the dominant. Oh what fun it is to have people just a little bit scared of you, never knowing how you’re going to react to one thing or the other. The knowledge that you’re capable of going off the deep end in a fiery about of overreaction is quiet a potent deterrent to those who wish to screw with you. If they don’t know what you’re reaction will be, except to know that in all probability, it will be overly done, they are less apt to push you. And not being pushed is just how I like it.

It’s not like I’m totally a whack-job, but I almost am. And, really, isn’t that enough to keep on my good side?


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