No Comments! Really, No!

Lately, I’ve been besieged with a bunch of spam comments on my blog. I think it’s mostly advertising and harmless, but I find it offensive and annoying. And not grammatically correct.

And that’s what really pisses me off. These jerks can’t even make a decent sentence. They’re all ‘I am thinking that you are maintaining up your great website with much enthusiasm’ and shit like that. It’s infuriating. Come on, if you can’t form a sentence, you’ve got no business on my blog. I’ve cater to select clientele and jackasses who can’t properly diagram a sentence are not welcome.

And what’s worse is the fact that when I glance down through these spam comments, my inside voice does a funny little accent that’s between Raj from the Big Bang Theory and German Great Grandmother. That makes me a little nervous because while I don’t feel bad mimicking my Grandmother; I kinda do about Raj. But honest to God, it’s in my head so I’m not really being off-color. Am I?

The reason I do torture myself by looking through the spam comments is because twice now my blog has been linked to something I’ve written about and I find that extremely cool. Like what I had to say was important enough to be linked to the event or the topic. My head immediately swelled.

The rest, I’m sorry to say, have been a colossal waste of my time and have made me call into question my own PC-ness.

Thanks a lot, you stupid spam comments.


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