Spirituality and the Magic Die

My boss (Big) posed a question to me today. Well, actually a statement but it required a response.

Spirituality is of our own free will.

He waited for my response. At the time, I was playing with his wooden die of possible answers. This die has decided many an outcome for me. Everything from raises to lunch options has been chosen using the ‘magic’ die. Using the die, I gave him my answer.

No way!

I find spirituality hard to define. I know I’m not religious and I definitely know I’m not a good Catholic, but spiritual? Well, maybe. Spiritual in the meaning that I am contemplative; that I believe I should be striving to discover my ‘true’ self…I might fit that definition. Spiritual in the rather constricting confines of an organized religion? Absolutely not.

And maybe that’s the crux the matter. How do you look at spirituality? Is it a personal mantra that you strive to follow? Or is it simply something that you’ve been taught to do. A progression handed down through lessons and memorization and being terrified of the fires of hell.

And if that’s your definition of spirituality, the by no means is it of your own free will. It’s been drilled into you over the years and is borne more out of trepidation and fear of retribution than of any great willingness or drive to be spiritual.

So I guess, in retrospect, my answer should have been ‘ask again later’ and then followed by a ‘look within yourself’ answer. And just like our perceptions of God, religion, good and evil, spirituality is as personal to us as our fingerprint.



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