With Power Comes Great Responsibility

My husband and I were talking, as we often do, over dinner tonight and he questioned why it was that people in the very hot glare of the public at large often do stupid things. The current events on both a national and more local (but still national) level were what we specifically had in mind. I had a one-word answer.


When you are on top of your particular world, your ego makes you think that you are beyond reproach. You feel that no one would dare question your authority or your character and you can do whatever you wish, whatever the consequences. It doesn’t get any sadder than that.

Maybe these high-power people need to take a lesson from the common person. Maybe they need to know that people need to own up to their mistakes, take responsibility when they would not nor made to do so. We are even so humble as to avert such illegal, immoral and totally horrendous activities before they happen. We actually reign ourselves in.

Okay, okay. Not everyone, but most hardworking people don’t feel that the law, both constitutionally and morally, apply only to those who’s station is seemingly below themselves. They too know that there are rules which much be obeyed.

People with too much power, either given to them or just taken, have no such control gauge. They think that whatever they do won’t be brought into the bright light of day and the monsters they are displayed. They think through coercion and fear and shame, their victims will not come forward. They wrongfully burden the very people they’ve violated with shame and embarrassment that they should fully bear. They think they can get away with it because they’ve ‘made it’. They’re big shots now and they can do whatever they want.

They’re wrong.

I hope that in both these cases the individuals who have been harmed will come forward. I hope that they see these men for what they are. Men who’ve done terrible, vile deeds that need to be punished. I hope they realize that the rest of us will support them and that while it will be one of the hardest things they’ve ever done; it will free them and they can begin to heal.

I’m going to do a rare thing here and inject a little (gulp) faith. I pray that the victims will be comforted and blessed by the Almighty. I pray that they find strength in their families and comfort in the fact that there is a collective notion of good will and healing being sent their direction. And, another thing I don’t do often or take lightly, I will say a little prayer for these individuals.

These are messes that aren’t going away soon. I hope we all have the wherewithal to get through it. And we’re just the bystanders. God help us all.


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