New Day…New Compulsion

My Aunt thinks she’s a little OCD with the cleaning, but I assure you that she has nothing on me. I’m the OCD Queen. Oh not the cleaning, because if that were the case, I wouldn’t have a blog. My compulsions are generally obscure and odd, much like me, and I vehemently pursue them.

My compulsion today is keeping my Bonsai tree in the sun. I got up before the sun, my wonderful husband bringing me some migraine medicine (love the caffeine) which I did wash down with water instead of the requisite Mountain Dew. That’s what he brought me; I was nearly blind and hurting so bad that I wouldn’t have cared if it were turpentine. In about twenty minutes, I began to feel better and ventured downstairs.

I putzed around my house and as the sun came up it shown through the window and blinded me. I had a revelation! I hadn’t been taking proper care of my Bonsai tree. Oh. My. God! My husband bought me this tree, expensive as it was, and here I was neglecting it. What kind of beast am I? I grab the thing off the stand and put in the sun’s rays. But it’s not tall enough to be in direct sunlight. Dammit! I perch it on the window sill. Direct hit. We’re back in business.

Until the miracle of physics rolls on and our great blue ball rotates a little. Errrr! Now the streak of sunshine has lowered a bit over the kitchen sink. The freakin tree is too short again for direct contact with the life-giving sun! I balance it on top of a coffee mug. Phew, I’m nurturing my tree again. I can continue to vacuum and clean.

And this is how the morning progressed. I’d be in the living room vacuuming the chair and need a tissue…walk through the kitchen for a new box in the pantry and see my Bonsai in the damn shade. Shuffle, move, phew. Ooops, gotta pee? Yep, through the kitchen and move the tree again. Who knew the sun moved around so much? For a freakin’ big as it is, you’d think it’s would cast a greater ray of light. Even in the few minutes (yes, I’m that quick) it takes me to type, I keep wondering. Is it or isn’t it? It my Bonsai in the sunlight or isn’t it? My God, it was so much easier when I was at work, neglecting it, wasn’t it?

And that lands us squarely into another neurosis…anxiety.

I said, I guess to my Bonsai (Nucky is his name), that I would take him to work every day so he could get sunlight. I didn’t take him once this week. Or last week for that matter. I wring my hands together as I realize I’ve let down a tree. My God, how do I manage to raise my children? Oh, I’m a failure! My compulsion is producing anxiety. It appears that the day is moving right along.

So that’s how I’ll spend my day. Checking on the Bonsai, moving it, going back to work. Check. Shower. Check. Find purse. Check, move, go shopping. Soon my ADD will kick in and by the time I hit the highway heading for the mall, I will not only have forgotten that my Bonsai needs five to six hours of sunlight a day, but even that I have a Bonsai that needs five to six hours of sunlight a day. And for a fleeting few hours, I’ll enjoy my kid, my aunt, and being a consumer. It’s a wonderful way to live.

No wonder I get migraines.


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