The Friday Bitch…Cyber Edition

I absolutely cannot, cannot stand people who don’t proofread. Oh sure, they are all emotional and they’re really making a goddamn statement on Facebook or whatever and sure what they’re saying is just too freakin vital to the rest of us that they can’t possibly stop for an instant and just look at the stupidity they’ve just spewed through their fingertips. Oh no, not these morons, they just have to get their thoughts out there for human consumption.


Hey, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this that I’ve got a hell of a lot more important things to say than these nimrods and yet I find time to at least do a quick once-over on what I write. Why can’t these losers?

I’m sick and tired of trying to decipher someone’s rant on how their boyfriend cheated on them or how they got cut off in traffic and now feel the absolute compulsion to let all of cyber world know it. Does it make them feel better? Does it serve some sort of justice? Hell no! It merely pisses me off because not only are these people incorrectly assuming that I give a shit about them, they are doing it with misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Okay, okay, I get it! You’re upset. You’re emotional. Good for you. But you know, take a minute and actually think what the hell you want to say before you just start typing. Maybe review the basics of simple sentence structure. Noun, verb, maybe throw in an adjective just for shits and giggles. Who knows, maybe you’ll graduate to prepositions and learn about verb tense. Probably not, but I can dream can’t I?

And maybe your life is such that this is the only outlet you have to make your point. Maybe you feel that you don’t have anyone you can talk to or that the friends who had to actually go through a few mouse clicks are the only ones who are truly there for you. And, hey, that’s fine. Maybe that’s the way it is for you. Maybe it’s working.

But along the way, you’re making me bat shit crazy.

And you know, now that I’ve thought about it, maybe it’s my dumbass fault for actually reading your drivel online and then actually going to your wall and looking at your posts. And then when I’m frustrated and pissed because you have a horrid command of writing, maybe it’s me who’s wrong because I don’t take my mouse and click my way to unfriending you. So I guess in the end it’s one of those ‘free speech’ stupid ideas and I should just learn to live with it.

In the meantime though, I’m gonna bitch. And spell check and proofread. So there!

Post Script:  I was reading this the next day and found a typo.  Apparently I’m not all that I thought I was.


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