The Times They are A-Changing (Part 1)

Well, it’s finally happened. Just when I was contemplating a trip back to Mass this whole issue of the birth control mandate in the insurance plans and the ‘ire’ of the Catholic Church rears its ugly, mitre-covered head. Holy God, they just don’t get it.

President Obama’s health care law requires hospitals, charities and organizations, including Catholic ones, to include birth control in their health care plans. And this has the Church in an uproar.


I guess it’s okay in the Church’s view for families to live in poverty because they have more children than they can afford. I guess it’s okay for older couples to raise their grandchildren because their children won’t and didn’t have access to contraceptives. I guess it’s okay for the lower class and the working poor to dig themselves deeper and deeper into despair because they can’t afford birth control. And yeah, I guess it’s okay for an organization as screwed up as the Catholic Church to tell the rest of us what to do.

God, I’m gonna need a drink.

Where in the hell does the Catholic Church get off thinking they can voice their opinion and say it’s the opinion of their followers? When in the last 500 years has that happened? The Church has so far removed itself from the everyday lives of the faithful that they can no more speak for us than they can my cat. From their teachings on who can be clergy, to how much of my hard-earned cash should be going into their coffers to how I should raise my child, the church has no damn clue. To the Church, they are still in the Dark Ages, not even the Renaissance, but the freaking Dark Ages, blaming the Plague on everyone but the rats!

Let me set you straight.

It is the Church who must evolve and understand the lives of today’s Catholics. We do not need to birth children to work in the fields. We are not obligated to send our third daughter off to the convent because the first two have been betrothed to a neighboring clan leader. The Church has to come to us, we who make the Church was it is today, and learn what it is we need and want from it. We hold the cards now; not a bunch of old men with old ways and even older sensibilities. The Church is made up of modern individuals; not priests from the tenth century.

I don’t even use birth control and yet I am morally repulsed by the Church’s compulsion to dictate to me whether or not I have the option. And following that line of thought, does the Church actually think that opposing this law would sway my thinking? I don’t not use birth control because I’m a good Catholic. It was a decision that I made based on what was best for me and mine. I do not fear Jesus smiting me because I prevented conception. And I dare a priest to try it. Please. Just once.

When the Catholic Church begins to take me into consideration and adapts a wonderful, rich and oftentimes rewarding religion into one that can actually nourish today’s family; I’ll be in the front-row. Until that time, I’m going to be here, clacking on my keyboard pointing out their folly. Stay tuned for Part 2 when I take a swipe at the GOP!


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