Why the GOP Needs to Get Its Head out of Its Ass

My second goal for 2012 is to become more active in politics. Oh, I always had an interest and I watched the debates, made choices about which candidate I liked best and riled up my husband or my father on why my guy was best. Too bad I hadn’t voted since 1992. So this year is going to be different. I made sure my voter registration was valid and come this April, I’ll be heading to the polling place…

…and vote straight democrat.

I’m registered democrat and most of my beliefs are of a liberal slant. I do love my guns and hunting and while I wouldn’t personally have an abortion, I certainly wouldn’t stop you from one. But all in all, I’m a pretty sound liberal. Which is a good thing considering that I am certain that the republicans have not a clue what goes on beyond their gated mansions and reinforced limousines.

The GOP is right in line with the Catholic Church in promoting an antiquated, predominantly male-run, millionaire’s club type of government. They are quite happy with the large gap between the haves and the have-nots and frankly don’t care if your unemployed, underemployed, without health care, behind on your mortgage, gay or very poor. (Sorry, had to get that last dig in – Mitt, you’re so stupid!) It’s like the Old Boys Network, “you’ll work for the wage I set and you’ll be happy for it!”

Their heads are completely wedged in their asses, with virtually no hope to dislodge them!

What Republicans need first is a good dose of reality. Look around you. Eight years of George Bush backed us up on this ledge; three years of Obama isn’t going to put us all back in the black. Between fighting wars, borrowing money from China and generally mucking up the government, good old W has put the majority of American’s in the poor house. He supported subprime mortgages so his banking cronies could make millions, let oil prices go through the roof to help out the oil buddies and when the average American began bitching; he borrowed money from China and threw us all a $400 per person bone.

But that’s not what republicans want us to think. They want to make a villain out of the present administration and blame every woe on it. They want us to look back to the Bush administration and remember it fondly. We’re supposed to trust them to govern with benevolence. They’re going to take care of the little people. Oh, they’re going to take care of us alright. Soon they won’t be the only ones with something lodged in their asses!

When a democrat was president, I was able to buy a house. My husband’s company grew and it showed in his annual income. I finished college and got a good job. We had a savings account. A republican took the oath and not only did he lose his job, but his plant closed, and for about three years, it was touch and go with our financial ruin just one month’s bills away. Under the Obama administration, we’ve seen a slight improvement in our situation and for the first time in probably ten years, our annual income is increasing.

For me, it’s a simple matter of growth versus whatever the opposite of growth is. Which is why I’m a democrat and why I’ll sway my rear-end down to the polling place and vote my way. I’ll drop and pry bar off at the Republican party chair’s house on my way and see if maybe that will help his candidates clear that cranial obstruction in their rectum.


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