Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I’ve got a friend who I love dearly. She is truly one of the beautiful people out there. Kind without fault, funny and smart and drop dead gorgeous. Yes, you can say I’m smitten with her on every level. She’s just the total package. I love her more than chocolate. Really, I can’t see a flaw. There are no flaws.

Now my friend is in a budding relationship and I’m all for it. It’s a long time coming for her and she deserves happiness and love and a bit of a thrill in her life. I’m so happy for her I could burst. Frequently, I do. It’s just a wonderful thing.

So it makes me wonder…why can’t everyone be in a loving and happy relationship.

My husband and I are lucky. We truly enjoy each other. We have the same mindset and we can laugh at the same things. We finish each other’s sentences. It’s magical. How in this crazy, messed-up world I found my perfect match; I will never know.

But not everyone has that kind of relationship and me being one of the nosiest people on the planet, I wanna know why. What makes two people click so well, but others grind against each other like ungreased gears?

Relationships are the hardest job any of us will ever have. Even when we are away from the person, we are still with them. We’re like ambassadors; we might be on foreign soil, but we’re always representing the home country. That’s tough stuff to do every day.

And going forward with this job scenario, I guess it’s a good guess to say that people sometimes mess up in their ‘jobs’ and the ‘job’ suffers. I guess we all falter, God knows I have and will continue to do so. So why does my relationship stay together when another probably would not? I think it goes back to the good chemistry between the two partners. Some are made for the long haul, through thick and thin; while others get out when the road gets bumpy.

So a good partner matters. I get that. I’m blessed with it. So how did I manage to snag a keeper?

I honest to God think it begins with ourselves. Once we begin to understand and actually believe that we are good people, worthy of being treated well by others, we will find that person. If we place importance on how we look; if we’re sexy or alluring or a ‘blast in a glass’ that’s how people will view us. They won’t look further than the exterior and they’ll treat us like empty shells. Once we find our inner beauty and fall in love with it; others will follow along and plunge hopelessly in love too. It’s a matter of seeing beyond the looking glass and liking what we see. Then, and only then, can we truly be loved.

Thanks to my dear friend who made this blog so easy to write. You are my muse (which means I get to see you naked!) And thanks to my darling husband, who has always been my muse, for better or worse.  And I better get to see you naked!


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