My Favorite Author…Steve Berry

Today I thought I’d try something new and actually talk about something, or someone, that I like. And reading is one of my most favorite things. And Steve Berry is one of my most favorite authors.

Steve writes what some people might call a ‘docu-drama’. He is like an artist in the way he can weave history with a rich storyline that keeps me engaged for hours on end. I don’t know of too many authors with the ability to put a story smack dab in the middle of historical fact and show absolutely no seam. I just love it and oftentimes as I become so engrossed in his novels; I can’t help but wonder if a certain plot or a certain detail is real of fiction.

Steve helps his readers out at the end of his books by ‘separating the fact from the fiction’ and I find this just as enjoyable as reading the book. In this part he explains to his readers the factual historical elements of his books and what he has added for our reading enjoyment. I marvel at his imagination and his gift for storytelling.

My initiation into Steve Berry novels was reading the Cotton Malone series beginning with The Templar Legacy. I was completely sucked in the character, the action and of course the history that just comes to life on each page. It was common for me to read a chapter, or several chapters and then hit Google Earth to look at the places he described in his book. I loved the detail of his descriptions. He made me want more. And he never disappointed.

I’ve read all the Cotton Malone novels and it probably surprises no one that my favorite character was Cassiopeia Vitt. She is such a strong character but someone who is very human and ‘approachable’. She struggles with insecurities, doubt and a grave secret yet manages to kick ass on just about every continent on the planet. She is strong and independent but very passionate and longing for companionship. I love her calm, her ability to think under great distress and of course her mad skills in whomping on the bad guys. She’s exotic yet down to earth. Rich yet very charitable. Strong-willed yet compassionate. She’s just great.

I’m now reading one of Steve’s earlier novels, The Romanov Prophesy. Again, it’s deeply steeped in history, lure and speculation about the last Tsar of Russia and the royal family’s tragic end. It’s exciting and just as the Cotton Malone books, keeps the reader engaged and entertained. I’ve hit Google Earth a few times to get a look at the Kremlin and St. Petersburg. Steve’s made me want to delve into history and look at the dynamic of the Tsarist reign throughout history.

Steve Berry makes me smarter!

I’m looking forward to the release of The Columbus Affair in May. I’m sure it will be another fast-paced journey from cover to cover. Thanks Steve for detail-rich stories, many dimensional characters and a history lesson we all can enjoy!


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