In defense of mean girls

We’ve all encountered a mean girl here or there. They’ve made snide remarks about our appearance, our income or our perceived status in the collective herd we call community. They’re the reason we don’t wear a bathing suit even when the insult occurred 20 years prior. They’re why we don’t smile as bright or grow our hair long to cover our enormous ears. But really, is it their fault they’re mean?


Mean girls are made; they don’t just drop out of the sky. They are a product of one very screwed up home life that places value on the outside appearance, not what’s on the inside. These are girls who have learned through being berated and humiliated that the way to survive is by looking only at the surface of person. If you get to know them, when they are familiar to you, they only hurt you.

When your world is full of insecurity and hurt, you naturally gravitate to the pretty objects, even if they are hollow inside. Perhaps mean girls are hollow inside as well and can only appreciate empty shells like themselves.

No, mean girls can’t help the way they were taught to value a person’s worth. It is how they have been judged their entire lives. They are cherished for their looks or their father’s stock portfolio. They place importance on things that can so easily be taken away on nothing but a whim.

And when it’s taken away, mean girls are left with nothing. They don’t know what is truly a treasure in another human being. They don’t know how to look beyond non-designer clothing, eyeglasses and freckles to find the real beauty in another soul. They’re stuck in more ugliness only to be ridiculed and abused until they are nothing but bitterness and hate that taints even the most fair of face.

Mean girls won’t be able to cope with life’s hardships. They won’t ever know true love or happiness because they’ve never learned how to love themselves. They won’t find happy partners nor will they raise strong and confident daughters. They’ll perpetuate their philosophy of meanness on to the next generation without regard for what they’re doing. They’ll die alone and unhappy with their other mean girl friends. Their looks and status long gone.

Being a mean girl is an ugly business and I thank God and all the mean girls out there that they never accepted me into their clique. I’m glad I was an ordinary girl who learned that above all things, a person’s soul is what is beautiful.

Keep on loving each other my friends!


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