Write on Edge – Location, Location, Location

The breeze glides gently across the front porch and carries with it the smell of lilac and freshly cut grass. Shaded from the sun, it is cool and dark and inviting. Decorated in soft greens, oiled bronze and shade loving flowers, it evokes a peace and stillness that calm the soul. My side of the settee faces toward the street and I lean up against him, watch traffic, wave to neighbors or just enjoy the blooms on the rhododendron, fuchsia and bright, enormous yellow jackets buzzing in each blossom. The hum of the bees is constant while the tree is in bloom, only broken up with the occasional bullfrog’s croak, singing to its mate.

A pair of Chickadees build a nest in the birdhouse by the front door and we wait anxiously for the day we hear tiny chirping from the nest. As the one sings to its mate, he pulls me close to his chest and I close my eyes, listening to the single-note call and reveling in the moment.

Bare, dirty feet are required on the porch. Heels and work boots are quickly shucked off and toes wiggle and cool propped on the table or railing. It’s the perfect spot for a Shitzuh to sleep away an afternoon and watch the birds and the bees and give the mailman a half-awake growl.

Dawn, heat of the day, middle of the night. The porch is the perfect balm for any hour. It makes my soul sing.


8 responses to “Write on Edge – Location, Location, Location

  1. This scene certainly evokes a sense of quiet and calm, with life just thrumming underneath. Lovely!

    Popping by from Write on Edge!

  2. You’ve painted such a lovely and relaxing place here! I would love to be sitting on that porch at this very moment, actually.

    One little thing I think you can drop is the “front” in front of the “front door” or the reference to the “front porch” at the beginning. Establishing the “front” part of the house isn’t necessary twice, especially since you also reference the traffic.

    I love this line:
    Heels and work boots are quickly shucked off and toes wiggle and cool propped on the table or railing.

    That moment of taking off shoes and letting your toes free is just lovely.

    • I didn’t even think about it until I read your comment, but you’re 100% right. I could dropped the “front” after the first use. Thank you very much for that very helpful suggestion. That’s why I love these prompts, I learn so much. -Denise

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