Red Writing Hood Prompt – Collision

I watched him from across the room, unable to touch him, unable to show even the slightest bit of interest. My face was a mask, no emotion could be revealed, nothing of the passion or fire that I felt deep inside me. All of it for him. Only him.

He would hold my gaze for only a moment because he knew that to linger longer would attract the attention of others. When our eyes did lock, the sweet desire we felt for each other flamed out of control, searing my cheeks and sending a spike of lust down through my body. It was beautiful agony.

I longed for our bodies to collide in the rhythmic choreography that we had perfected since we first gave in to our passion. I knew I had to bide my time, even though I was drawn to him with a force I could barely hold at bay.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught the slightest nod of his head. It was the signal – our signal – and I began my goodbyes.  I downed the last of my beer, he laid a coaster over the top of his glass and turned to leave. I watched his back and imagined my nails raking down his bare skin towards the curve of his ass as he brought me to pleasure I’d never thought possible. As if reading my mind, he turned and boldly bore his eyes into me. I felt a flush of heat wash over my entire body. I could not wait to be one with him.

I slipped my purse over my shoulder and gave my best friend a tight hug goodnight. While he went out the back door, I made my way out the front and walked down the  sidewalk to my car. My breath hitched in my chest to the point I was nearly panting, my need to be with him overpowering even my most basic of instincts: breath, forward motion, rational thinking.

I fobbed my car door open as he appeared, like black magic, dark and sexy and finally all mine. He quickly pulled me into him with a fury and I swore I saw sparks. Finally, after hours of torture I was able to meld myself into him and my release nearly flooded me. My body was his; his was mine. And the wait was more than worth it.


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