Just Say It!

Just when I thought I had a reasonable grasp on human communication something happens that leaves me shaking my head. For the life of me, I do not understand why we dumbass humans don’t say what we mean. I’m not talking about going around telling your neighbor their house looks like shit or your co-worker that you stare at her chest all work day. I’m talking about honest and productive communication. The kind that actually might get your fucking point across.

Instead we walk around sending out mixed signals, innuendos, and subtle, barely recognizable hints thinking we’re so clever that surely the person we’re communicating with would be mad not to understand our meaning. Frankly, I’m tired of it.

If I am told that the sky is blue; I understand it. I know what blue looks like. I know where the sky is. From that information, I can reasonably ascertain that if I crane my neck in an upward fashion during daylight hours, I will see a blue sky. Simple, clear and concise communication between two humans. It’s like goddamn magic.

However, if you sit me down and give me some ridiculous story about how there may or may not be a intangible curtain of particles above me and because of refraction and reflection and God knows what else this curtain of particles is a shade of color that is cool and translucent and will remind me of calm and peaceful thoughts and as an adult I should know what color this mystical blanket is; I’m at a loss. It’s just another riddle that evades me. One more reason for the bridge troll to not let me cross. One more way to put me down. One more way to prove your superiority over me. One more reason to make me hate you.

And our theoretical sky goes from bright and sunny to bleak and dark. In other words…a shit storm.

It’s this kind of nonsensical drama that makes me want to live in a cave; with internet and cell service of course.

So the next time you find it necessary to give me some sort of message, do us all a favor and just say it. You’ll be surprised by the result!


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