Red Writing Hood Prompt – Writing Goals

This prompt seemed more like homework than any prompt before. It also felt like a reality check. Am I serious about writing or did I lose my spark? And really, do I want to consider that maybe I just don’t have what it takes to be a published author?

Stories have always filled my head. I’ve kept a journal of short stories and personal memoirs since high school. I’ve had character’s floating around in my conscious since even before that time. Plots and scenes and terrific dialogue swims in my head to the point of distraction. Every event is an opportunity to write. Every moment in time is a chance to begin on a great adventure through storytelling.

So why am I not published?

Sure, I know it’s a tough business. I know only a few make it. Hard work. Editing. More Editing. Rejection after rejection. But still, after all these years, I thought I’d at least have a self-published work out there. I’d set goals for Christ’s sake…you’d think I’d met them by now.

So my goal, gentle reader, is to be a published author. To see my novel out there waiting to be read. To know that it’s on someone’s reader and that somewhere some is saying “oh hey, did you read that book by that author?” and they’re talking about me. The fulfillment of a lifetime of imagination gone wild committed to pages and binding or digital media. Long shot sure…but if I made it, more than worth it.

So I write. I work hard and I do it all…for the love of writing!


11 responses to “Red Writing Hood Prompt – Writing Goals

  1. This one was a reality check. It’s good to have those and reaffirm why we do what we do. Your tone is a measured one, a solid reminder. Thank-you — and may the muse sing with you 🙂

  2. Getting down to business is a hard task for any artist – it is a balance between living in the now and feeling guilty about living in our own mind. At least you love what you do – when writing starts feeling like a burden, then you have a real problem. Besides, just think of all the people who read your blog.

  3. We all need a reality check and reaffirmation of our goals. Sometimes putting it all out there in public makes us take ourselves more seriously (works for me). Good luck to your on your journey–you can do it!

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