What Did Jesus Do?

Lately I’ve been fascinated by that tiny scrap of papyrus, recently discovered and somewhat deciphered, that may indicate Jesus was married. It’s vague and there is most likely no sure way to authenticate it, but it, and the countless other scraps on a ‘day in the life’ of Jesus usually spike my curiosity. Maybe I read too much. Maybe I’d rather Jesus be married than not. Maybe I just like it when something sticks it to religious convention. Either way, it’s interesting to me that such a tiny piece of ancient paper has kicked up such controversy. But the mainstream religious establishment is being a butthole about all this. And that’s just as curious as the text on the papyrus itself.

Mischievous me is thrilled to see the Establishment in such a tizzy. Good for ’em. Let them sweat. They spent literally two centuries trying to mold a Jesus that would conform to their way of thinking, their deception, in a ruse to keep the masses under control and docile. To have such a tiny scrap come up and knee them where it counts makes me giggle. To think that they are behind closed doors trying desperately to quell the general population’s hunger to know the truth gives me shivers. Shivers are good. Their grand scheme is now being questioned and while the papyrus is most probably not authentic, it making people rethink the Son of God.

And that makes me happy.

What’s the big deal if Jesus was married? If you believe the Bible, was he not put on Earth to live as a man? Was he not to experience a life so he could intercede for us worthless humans to his Heavenly Father? I believe that this was the goal and the end game. So how can he be a man without a woman?

I for one would be glad to know Jesus was married. Who the hell wouldn’t want a married Jesus? If I’m supposed to model my life after a man, I want it to be a married man. I want it to be someone who experienced similar situations as I face. Someone who dealt with family and spouse relationships – good and bad – and has first-hand knowledge of the great joys and deep sorrows of being married. I’d like to know that someone that I am supposed to emulate lived a similar life as mine. Maybe struggled to keep a happy home. Maybe failed at it from time to time. Maybe questioned whether his mate was the one for him. In other words, I’d want him to have lived a life I could relate to.

Jesus was normal. He lived and loved. He showed compassion and maybe a bit of selfishness. He raised a family. He tried to live according to his Father’s Word. That’s the Jesus I’d like to know. And when he’s found, that’s probably the church you’ll find me in.


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