Debates are Debest

Hey, call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to tonight’s presidential debate. I look at it as an opportunity to do a big compare and contract of these two men and listen to some good pundits making the case for each candidate. I know, most people think it’s a big snoozefest, but to me it’s a great chance to people watch.

And really, what’s more fun than that?

Watching how each man reacts to the questions, the audience, each other is going to tell me a lot about how they will lead the country. They’re confidence, ability to engage the viewers, appearance and whether or not they can convey a sense of honesty is what I’m looking for in this debate. I’m sick of being lied to and if I get one whiff of deception off either one of them, they’ve lost my vote.

I like the aura of confidence of Barack Obama. Let’s face it, he’s cool. He’s the guy you’d want to hang out with, watch football, have a few beers. He’s the one you’d follow on Twitter. And even though some say he’s flippant or snide, I think that’s just part of his confidence. Confident people exude confidence. Confidence is sometimes perceived as arrogance. And it’s nothing more or less than any confident conservative personality puts out.

I’m not stealing this from the talking heads, but I like Barack better. I feel more comfortable calling him Barack. He’s more likeable. Everyone’s been screaming about the likeability factor and while it’s not always the nice guys who should run the country, I think it’s important that a world leader not make people hate him immediately. World leaders should at least be able to be tolerated at first. They can be hated after we get to know them.

With that said, and in the process probably giving away how I’m voting next month, there are things that trouble me about Barack. I worry that he may not be able to turn around the economy. I worry that in his efforts to save our environment, he’s going to put a lot of people out of work. I want him to get out troops out of Afghanistan. Like my old boss used to say “We’re good; but we’re not great.”

I want him to be great.

Mitt Romney doesn’t hold my attention. In my harsher moments I say he reminds me of a Muppet. I would further say that when he smiles, it doesn’t reach his eyes and to me that’s not genuine. I don’t trust Romney (see, can’t call him Mitt). I think he’s out of his league when it comes to world issues and he’s out of touch with the middle class. I think he’d keep our troops in the Middle East, expand our presence and maybe go to war with Iran. I don’t think any of his five sons would be on the front lines. I cannot say the same thing.

Romney does have a few good points. I think he’d make it easier for companies to do business. Either through lax controls on pollution and exploitation of natural resources, tax breaks for business or those running them, or some other finangling I’m not aware of; he’d make it easier for business to get done. Getting down to business means jobs. Jobs mean economic growth. Maybe it’s the easy solution to getting out of this slump, but I kinda like the idea of making money. I also think that he’d keep our military strong, which seems like a contradiction to why I dislike him. However, we will always have – need – a military presence and we owe it to our troops to have available the absolute best equipment, weaponry, training, medical facilities, rehabilitation and care that’s out there. These guys need to be state of the art, hi-tech, cutting edge in everything they do. Hell, put ’em in a bubble and make wars simulations and I’m happy. But I think Mitt might just keep our military strong. And if he does, that all feeds back into American jobs in defense contract. Stimulating that economy like no one’s business. I’m all for it.

I’ve got high expectations for tonight’s debate. And I’m probably the only one. But I’m hoping to find sincerity and intelligence and compassion from these men. I’m hoping to hear that they’re going to do the best job for the country if only We the People will let them. I’m hoping that when it’s all over, I’m not disappointed but invigorated and ready to do my enviable right of voting for my country’s leader. This is exciting stuff. This is our time. Let’s make it count!


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