What Child is This?

Sometimes I sit in wonder of her. She’s such a unique individual. I can hardly believe that she came from me. From me? It can’t be. She’s so dynamic and witty and beautiful and wicked and sarcastic and dramatic. She has to be a new species. Clearly, she’s not a normal human.

Oh wait, she’s a girl!

Girls were foreign to me. I’d raised two boys nearly halfway to adulthood before this pink bundle was thrust into my arms. I was ill-equipped for a girl child, even though I had been a girl at one point. It threw me for a complete loop.

Boys were comfortable. Sure they stunk (and proud of it) and they could be moody (especially that first one) and I wasn’t really that helpful when it came to peeing in the toilet (thank God for Dad!), but I knew what I was doing with them. And it didn’t seem that they were so fragile. They were rough and tumble boys for goodness sake. You couldn’t break them.

But she was different. She was a princess and as such, she was treated like royalty. Much older brothers doted on her constantly. Grandparents were ecstatic and buying pink at every turn. As for her parents, we felt we had completed the circle. We had our girl.

What were we thinking?

She made it clear from about a month of age that she was in charge. There was little doubt who was running the house and it certainly wasn’t anyone who could walk, talk or even feed themselves. How this happened, I haven’t a clue but I learned I was simply there to serve early on in my relationship with my daughter.

As she grew into a toddler, she seemed charmed. People gravitated towards her. She had a sparkle that I knew had to be otherworldly. She could hold an audience at two years old. She was, in a word, awe-inspiring. My heart sang.

My princess is no fragile vessel though. She was…is…always will be tough as nails. She’s a fighter, the product of her Viking heritage, and even still, I hesitate to cross her. As she’s grown, she’s taken on adults, bullies and has stood her ground in her own defense and in defense of her classmates. She seems invincible. Again, I wonder at her strength.

She’s been my inspiration and my nemeses. She’s both encouraged me and chastised me. Friend and friendemy at the same time. Rarely has another individual so inspired me yet grated on my every nerve. She is truly a wonder, never to be repeated again.

So happy birthday my Warrior Princess. I can’t wait to see what this new year holds in store for us. I’ll keep wine and Excedrin at the ready!


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