Red Writing Hood Prompt – The Red Room

Bathed in a red glow, I waited. My knees ached from the hardwood floor on which I knelt. This was the most anxious part of our session: the waiting. It was what made it such delicious torture.

My body was deathly still but my mind raced. Raced back to three days ago when the package arrived at the apartment by courier. Remembering gave me shivers. I raced to my room and ran my fingers nimbly over the edges of the package, feeling electricity with each stroke. Slowly, I slit open the tape, imagining what could be in it; my heart racing at just the thought.

Instructions and garments tumbled onto the bed. I traced each word as I memorized them. To not adhere to the instructions would prove dangerous. It was what made our time together such sweet anguish.

The next few days passed by in a blur. Visits to the salon and the lingerie boutique. I forked over a large amount of his money to the jeweler. The preparation nearly made me giddy. In the cold room, I paid for my light-heartedness.

I heard the creak of a stool and a flush of dark heat crept over my bare chest. A platinum chain dangled from a black velvet, gem-encrusted choker to encircle my waist. A collar and leash of sorts. My nostrils flared capturing his alluring scent. He was coming. I could barely keep from squeezing my thighs together. I was vibrating with excitement.

His boots made heavy thuds on the floorboard as he slowly approached me. A light sheen of sweat broke out over my shoulders, muscles already straining from my wrists being bound behind my back. I panted heavily. Panting was against the rules. Punishment would be meted out and I could not wait.

Slowly, he crouched before me, his fingers casually playing with the tiny bows on my stockings. When he carelessly brushed my bare thigh, my flesh tingled. Heat pooled at my core. My breasts grew heavy as my nipples grew so taut they ached.

He trailed a finger up my leg and across the smooth satin of my panties, further up my stomach, gently tugging on my chain. I groaned my want for him. My heart hammered in my chest as his hand laid flat between my breasts. He moaned his desire for me. My painted red lips curled into a wicked smile.

Taking my chin with his thumb and forefinger he slowly raised my face to his. He placed a gentle kiss on my nose and smiled. “Are you ready to play, my darling?”

As moisture soaked my panties, I sighed. “At your bidding, my liege.”


8 responses to “Red Writing Hood Prompt – The Red Room

  1. I’ll echo what Sam says…. HOT! Beautifully erotic.
    One little concrit… I was having trouble envisioning what her collar looked like. At first, I thought something was dangling from HIM as he attached it to her, but no… she’s already wearing something… around her waist? Somehow I think if I had a better picture of this in my head, the story would be even steamier!

  2. Nice! I’m not a fan of steamy generally, but I liked this scene. My concrit would be regarding “Slowly, he crouched before me, his fingers casually playing with the tiny bows on my stockings. When he carelessly brushed my bare thigh, my flesh tingled.”

    Slowly, casually, carelessly… She’s building to a crescendo but words like slowly and casually don’t play to her feelings and so close together, slow the pace of the scene. Try dropping the -ly adverbs and concentrate on the action taking place. “Crouching before me, he played with the tiny bows on my stockings. When he brushed my thigh – was it intentional? – my flesh tingled.”

    Love what you did with the prompt. Excellent job!

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