Get to Bloggin’

Lately, I’ve been using my blog for nothing other than doing writing prompts and that has really gotten me down. Oh sure, I love my writing prompts and I would give myself a little bit of credit and say that I’m sorta good at them. But that’s not what my blog was supposed to be. It was to be a forum for me to spit and hiss and to find humor and wax a little poetic. In sort, it was a place for me to let loose and be me.

So what the hell happened?

You’re guess is as good as mine. No more Friday Bitches. No more rants on the Church or politics or the latest entertainment news. I haven’t been in a good rage for months. I haven’t found humor in social settings for even longer. (It was summertime that last time I gave some helpful advice on social behavior.)

I guess I’d gone soft.

Well, I vow to you that I’m going to do my damnest to revamp my blog. I’m going to work on a Friday Bitch, even if it’s about myself. I’m going to start watching people, and then telling you all what I see wrong with them. I’m going to pick apart those headlines and give you my perspective.

In other words, the Bitch is Back.

Gentle reader heed my words…I’m hitting the reset on this good old blog and we’re going back to good old bloggin’.

Stay tuned!


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