The Friday Bitch – Emotional Posting

This has always annoyed me. I don’t want to hear your goddamn hysterical, knee jerk reaction post to how you’ve been wronged. I don’t want to be party to your emotional saga that you feel sure that not only I but all your friends, and all your friend’s friends desperately need to hear. These posts spread like wildfire, or an STD, and soon you’re going around apologizing to everyone for your outburst. After you post it, you regret it and then we are all made to suffer through your guilt and contrition. No, it always pissed me off when I saw these postings. But I kept quiet.

Until it happened to me.

Okay, technically, I think it happened to me, but I’m not 100% sure. However, what I am sure about is that everyone who reads a particular post (stick with me, don’t go scurrying off to my timeline to find the post) will assume it happened to me. And that’s just ridiculous.

People who put out these emotion- and grief- and whatever else-laden posts need to seriously get a grip. I understand you’re hurting. I understand that you feel that you’ve been dealt a shitty hand. What I don’t understand is your compulsion to go to a social media outlet and let the world know. Aren’t you humiliated enough? Don’t you have friends that you can see in three dimensions you can talk to? And, most importantly, shouldn’t you be addressing your issue to the person your aiming that poison post?

And what have you gained by this post? I’m talking specifically to you (insert name here). Did you get the response you wanted? Are you sure it’s even true? And most importantly, did it make you feel better? Is having every lurker on the web raising an eyebrow to what you insinuate giving you any satisfaction? I’m guessing that the answer is no. But hey, I’m just the one being maligned via the internet.

Oh sure, go ahead and say it wasn’t about me. Go ahead and say that it was just something that played to your conscious and you felt the urge to share it. Go ahead and feel justified and bask in the fake pity and false concern of your ‘friends’. Go ahead and fuck yourself while you at it. People like you don’t give a rat’s ass about helping their fellow man. They want to hurt and destroy. They serve only themselves and I hope that what you get served is truly what you deserve.

So post that!


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