Write at the Merge – Friends to Rely On

We all have that one friend we know we can count on when we’re in a bind. We can count on them to be right there beside us either encouraging the whole fiasco or denying any and all culpability for the damn thing in the first place. These are our best friends, no doubt because they wouldn’t be so loyal otherwise and also well, they’re a hell of a lot of fun.

It doesn’t matter if you no longer live in the same town with your best friend in crime any more. You’re still your best friends and she still knows the good bail bondsmen. She still has the best/worst ideas and most importantly, she still has your back.

I’m lucky enough to have my best cohort close enough to occasionally cause some trouble. She and I were super sleuths back in high school. Always conniving a way out of class or trying to figure out if some rat bastard was cheating on our friend. We mercilessly picked on friends and were regular pains in the ass to everyone.

She was with me for every one of my car accidents, helping to cause at least one, and stood by me with every confession to my dad or the victim. We didn’t lie about it, well, maybe just a little, but we always owned up to our mistakes even if we glossed over some of the more incriminating of details.

And when her boyfriend betrayed her, I was one of the few who knew. I remember helping her plot revenge, which I can proudly now admit since the statute of limitations has surely expired. I stayed with her, along with another equally devious friend, and we swore an oath to make sure that he – and she – paid. We made good on that oath and no one was ever the wiser.

We’re a hell of a lot older now, with kids and careers and all the responsibilities that go with it but there are times when we get together and plot a good plot. Be it electronically or on the bleachers of a hometown sporting event, she and I will connive like old times trying to figure out what so-in-so’s post meant and why was a certain someone is kissing their spouses’ ass for all of social media to see. We conjure up some good revenge too but we don’t act on it so much anymore. Hey, we’ve got practices to make for the kids and deadlines at our jobs that work release just won’t accommodate. But still, it’s good to keep our skills honed and being a little mischievous feels really good.

So here’s to my evil twin! She reads my blogs and supports my writing! She bought beer with me when we were underage and invented elaborate schemes that only we could get away with. I love her dearly and wouldn’t want to be jail with anyone else!

PM me if you know who I’m talking about!


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