Happy Left-Handed Day…Don’t Get too Comfortable

It’s Left-Handed Day! It’s Left-Handed Day! Yippee. Let’s celebrate. We’re in the minority here but were in very good company. Eight US Presidents were lefties as well as some of the most creative people of all time. Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe and Jerry Seinfeld notably but also Michelangelo and Jesus! Yes Jesus was a lefty. Doubt me? Prove me wrong. Regardless, we left-handed people are unique. We’re creative and talented and just darn fun to have around.

It’s interesting that the total population of left-handed people never fluctuates. We make us a tiny ten percent of the population and that number stay constant…never is there a spike in left-handed babies being born. Never do our numbers take a downward spiral. We keep our ranks at on a cool even plane. No more, no less. Hey, our club’s just not for anybody.

My dad was a lefty so my life was considerably easy compared to those poor lefties who lived in right-handed households. He was in charge of teaching me to hold crayons and tie my shoes and he was my advocate when the teachers threatened to get me special grips for my pencils or try to make me slant my paper a certain way. He taught me to shoot — guns and pool and throw rocks with deadly precision. And I vowed that if any of my kids were to be lefties, I would do the same for them. As it is, I’ve got three beautiful children who are handicapped to be right-handed people. Those are the breaks.

But even as we lefties enjoy our day, we still struggle. We face an odd-looking world every day. Simple, stupid daily things in life that righties take for granted give us grief. Sometimes just trying to open a door becomes a challenge. Everything from scissors to ice cream scoops to vending machines is made for the right-handed world.

You question this? Spoken like a typical righty.

I challenge you to be a left handed person for a day. Try to turn your cell phone on with your left thumb. Can’t. Power button’s on the right. Or go old school and try to use an office-style desk phone. Can’t. Phone receiver is on the left, number pad is on the right. You have to dial with your right hand. Uncool Cisco Systems…uncool.

Or go to the bank and try to use the little pen on a chain. Chances are you can’t because it’s secured in a way that only right-handed people can use it. Or at the doctor’s office when you try to fill out forms using the clip board with the attached pen? I keep pens in my purse for that reason alone.

And I double dog dare you to try and find left-handed golf clubs, or gloves for that matter. Unless your (1) wealthy or (b) shopping online, you have a snowball’s chance in hell trying to find the stuff. And the embarrassment at the driving range of having to face the old guy next to you because you tee off the opposite way everyone else does is enough to make you turn your tees in at the door. The one good thing about being a lefty? It’s easier to mirror your instructor when he’s giving you the fine points of a good swing. That kinda makes it worthwhile.

So it’s tough being a lefty. Good thing we have a day to call our own. So go out and find your favorite left-handed beautiful creative genius (pick me! Pick me!) and buy them (or me) a drink. We (and I mean me) deserve it!

Rock on Lefties!


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