Tell me when this hurts

“This sounds like more discomfort than they would want in carrying out an execution”

That’s a direct quote from Richard Dieter, executive direct of the Death Penalty Information Center, an organization that opposes the death penalty and he’s making reference to the recent execution of an Ohio man who raped and stabbed to death a pregnant woman.

Wonder if she died having more discomfort than she would have wanted? I’m going to hazard a big, fat yes.

I’m nearly certain that while she was begging and pleading for her unborn child’s life and her own life, probably in that order as most mothers would do, she was also experiencing a certain amount of suffering. You know, during the rape and eventual stabbing death. It tends to hurt…the raping and the stabbing.

Deiter also noted that although the execution wasn’t a “complete disaster”, the state or the courts would not want “anything that even has the appearance of someone suffering or a delay in death being carried out.”

You’re shitting me, Deiter. Tell me you’re shitting me.

Hey, maybe I’m not up on all the new ways to die. Maybe I don’t understand that murderers have more rights than their victims. And maybe I’m just getting my period and overly sensitive. However silly I just may be, I am having a hard time feeling any kind of sympathy this man. None. In fact, its stories like these make me long for the day of public hangings. I’d pop a bag of popcorn and go see this deviate die.

One human killed another. He didn’t ask her if she was in discomfort. I’m sure he made damn sure that she was. And yet we are going to debate whether or not we killed him humanely? This shit makes my head explode.

We’re going to worry and fret and have congressional hearings over whether we’ve violated a convicted killer’s civil rights by not killing him in a quick and painless manner. And all the while a family has been morning the loss of a mother and child. I can’t speak for this family, I don’t know them. But even what little suffering or discomfort this killer felt in no way, shape or form gave them any solace. Not even beheading or draw and quarter or (my personal favorite) the bloody eagle would even begin to help them heal.

And I know he was someone’s father. I get that. His family has suffered because of his actions as well. They’ve had to come to terms with his crime and live in society and feel the harsh rebuke of neighbors and strangers alike while he sat in jail. I could not imagine the pain of having a murderer in the family. But he was a rapist and a murderer.

He was a human too. I don’t wish humans to die. I have a hard time wishing a house fly to die. My feelings on the death penalty are not black and white. I see both sides of the issue, leaning more towards being in favor. Yet that doesn’t make me a cold-blooded killer.

But he was.

’nuff said. Die fucker die…glad it took 13 minutes.


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