About Me

I’m simply me.  You probably know me, have for years. When I blog about places or people, chances are you know where or who I am talking about.  You know my pets, my likes and dislikes and enough dirt on me to make me cringe.  Yep, I’m talking to you (insert name here), you got me.  Do your damage. I. Don’t. Care.

If you’ve met never me, I applaud your courage and your cursiousty.  It takes guts to put up with me and obviously you’re a person who takes no shit.  That’s great. I’ve got a low tolerance for it too.  So lets be new friends, not listen to the crap my old friends are saying about me and hang out.

Old and new friends alike; leave feedback.  Or suggestions on what to blog on.  Anything so I know this wasn’t just another dumb idea. Just remember to be nice; I may run into you some day or, worse yet, you might be the subject of my next blog.


2 responses to “About Me

    • Thank you so much. When I first started this blog, I wasn’t really sure I’d be any good at it (still not so sure), but I so appreciate your stopping by and checking me out. Welcome to the Blogging World, we can both learn together. Denise

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